Pack multiple files with seperate archives, one per ...

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Pack multiple files with seperate archives, one per ...

Post by *TCboog »

Pack multiple files using the option 'Create seperate archives, one per file/dir'

When selecting multiple extra-large files which result in a zip file > 2Gb (for multiple files in the selection), then you get the warning 'some packagers can't unpack files which are larger than 2GB' for each source file!!

I happend to have 66 8GB files which I wanted to zip; I had to confirm 66 times that I realy wanted to zip those, with a 15 minutes interval.

I would rather have the warning only one time; zipping those 66 files between other tasks took me a few days now, where it could have been done in 16 hours.
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Post by *MVV »

I agree that TC should show such warning only once.

BTW you can disable this warning at all by setting WarnTooBig=0 in [Packer] section of wincmd.ini (read TOTALCMD.chm 4.b section, link to part 2 at the end).

It would be also nice to have a link to wincmd.ini part 2 page in index page, e.g.:
b. INI-File settings: [url=http://]wincmd.ini[/url] ([url=http://]part 2[/url]), [url=http://]wcx_ftp.ini[/url] (for FTP)
Currently it seems to be no way to jump to page 2 bypassing first page.
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