Req: TCMP: [Long] tap on title -> switch to TC

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Req: TCMP: [Long] tap on title -> switch to TC

Post by *DrShark » 2018-02-07, 19:01 UTC

In TC Media Players "Back" button usually returns user to Total Commander. However, on Android phones, the "Back" key or button is near "Home" key/button, so it's easy to press "Home" one instead of "Back", which makes this way unreliable.
My suggestion is to implement a return to main TC window from TC Media Player (and maybe TC Editor too) by a tap or a long tap on TC Media Player title.
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Post by *matixx » 2018-02-08, 17:41 UTC

Good Idea.
Another Feature: Switch to title folder in TC by long tap title in TCMP.

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