TC_X64 Crash when deleting local files (Win10)

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TC_X64 Crash when deleting local files (Win10)

Post by *JamesB1976 » 2019-03-13, 07:37 UTC


I am experiencing a strange behaviour. TC_x64 crashes on Windows 10 when deleting local files. My colleage has the same problem but with an older version of TC (9.0a), so it seems to be an older problem.

If i switch to the explorer delete method or use TC_x32 its working fine.

This has been working, so maybe there has been an update on windows?

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Re: TC_X64 Crash when deleting local files (Win10)

Post by *ghisler(Author) » 2019-03-13, 08:26 UTC

Deleting is done via OLE2 (IFileOperation->DeleteItem/PerformOperations), so apparently something is wrong with your OLE2 subsystem. It could be a third party extension (e.g. third party recycle bin), error in the registry etc, very difficult to say. You could try to disable the delete method introduced by Microsoft with Windows Vista:

However, it's not certain that this will work because the older delete functions probably call to the same OLE2 functions to delete files.
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