Bug (?) scrolling full-screen thumbnails

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Bug (?) scrolling full-screen thumbnails

Post by *pol098 »

A minor issue: I sometimes use TCMD in thumbnail view to view huge numbers of tiny icon files to find one to use. I use TCMD 9.22a in full-screen mode on a 1600x900 display. I get 7 thumbnails across (or more if I expand the width of one pane) and 5 down on each pane. I scroll the icons page by page either by clicking the scrollbar below or above the slider, or with PgDn & PgUp. Speed is fine, as the files are less than 1kB.

I find that the display scrolls by 3 icons at a time, rather than 5, so that an entirely new selection requires down arrow twice after PgDn.

This may be behaviour by design (when scrolling a text list of files, the bottommost file is repeated at the top after paging down, which makes good sense); if it can be called an error, it's minor.

I'm not complaining. or asking for this to be changed, just reporting.

Best wishes, pol098

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Re: Bug (?) scrolling full-screen thumbnails

Post by *ghisler(Author) »

PgDn should scroll by the number of fully visible thumbnails. Here I can see 3 and a half lines, and it scrolls by 3. When I disable the command line, bottom toolbar, and status bar, it shows 4 1/8 lines, and scrolls by 4 on page down.
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