Non-modal search window

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Non-modal search window

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Post by *Lefteous »

This has been discussed many times but it seems the discussion always starts over. Anyway, this is how it could work in TC 8.5:
  • Search is a separate process
  • Communication between search and main process must be performed. This could done through named pipes or another kind of IPC.
  • If the parent process has been terminated a new instance of the main program must be opened to display the results ('feed to listbox' or similar). If there is exactly on main instance open which is not the parent use it to display the results. If there is more than one main program opened but none is the parent process select a random instance or ask the user (should be a really rare case).

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Post by *vladputin »

Lefteous wrote: (...) Anyway, this is how it could work in TC 8.5: (...)
Very good. What chances to you think this has to be there in 8.5?

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Post by *glebsts »

may be we could somehow motivate the author? Donations or smth similar.
I'm just asking:) I have two instances opened now, and it is not good. And I'm ready to donate for having it.
BR anyway.

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Post by *Samuel »

It should be the only feature for TC 8.1 / 8.5.

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Post by *Balderstrom »

It can already be done with AHK, and a few hotkeys --- making the Find Dialog temporarily NON-MODAL, but we shouldn't really need to work-around something like that.
*BLINK* TC9 Added WM_COPYDATA and WM_USER queries for scripting.

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Post by *donector »

this is effing great! I have just learnt by accident (inv9) that standalone search has been implemente since v8.5 it seems

thanks a lot

(so it seems that it was possible eventually) :)

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