Can we pay by COD?

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Q: Can we pay by COD?

A: We do NOT deliver by COD! Please use one of the following payment methods:

  • Online by credit card through
  • Check drawn on a Swiss Bank for CHF 40.- (Personal licence). Personal check drawn on a U.S.Bank in US$ (US$ 34, which is about CHF 40).
  • MasterCard or VISA. Card number, expiration-date, total amount and signature are required. Credit card orders are not accepted by e-mail! The credit card order must be issued in Swiss Francs - please use the order form.
  • Cash (foreign currency: cash exchange rate buy, no coins please), at your own risk!
  • Cash transfer from the post office (France: mandat international, Italy: vaglia internazionale, other countries: ask) of CHF 40.-to our address. This works fine from the postal office in most European countries (except for Germany, where you should contact us at about our German account. Please supply your postal address!). Please do not forget to write on the coupon (small part) your name, address and country! Please also send the order form with a note when you transferred the money by mail or e-mail to ! All charges must be to your debit!
  • Invoice: Only for companies who order with official purchase order. Please fill in our order form too and add it to your order.

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