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Please read TotalcmdWiki:About for general information about this wiki like requirements for editing, how to create an account, allowed languages and more.

This wiki is created using MediaWiki. To learn how to use this wiki you can read the MediaWiki help pages.

Practicing your editing skills

The sandbox page is where you can practice your wiki editing skills. You can use the main sandbox page where everybody can practice their skills, or you can create your own sandbox as a subpage of your user page. Click on one of the following links to go to the sandbox of your choice.


Templates can be used to include standards texts on multiple pages.

For more information about templates used on this wiki, see Help:Templates.

How to delete a wiki page

Normal users are not allowed to delete wiki pages (this can be articles, files, templates, categories). If you want a wiki page to be deleted, you can request deletion of the page by using the template Template:DelRequest. Administrators will review these requests from time to time and take appropriate action.

To request deletion of a page, include the following at the top of your page.


You can put the reason for your deletion request in the Edit summary.

How to upload files

To upload images, sounds, documents, etc., use the special page Special:Upload.

Creating screenshots

If you want to take screenshots regularly, the following Autohotkey script may be useful to you. It takes a screenshot with Irfanview when you press Ctrl + PrtScn.