Would like to order additional licences

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A: You can always buy additional licences to an existing licence: The price is the difference between the price of the bigger licence and your existing licence plus CHF 5.- for shipping & handling. Example: 20 additional licences to an existing 5-user licence, giving a 25-user-licence:

  • Price 25-user-licence: CHF 445.- (40.-+9x20.-+15x15.-)
  • Price 5-user-licence: CHF 120.- (40.-+4x20.-)
  • Difference: CHF 325.- + 5.-S&H = CHF 330.-

The minimum amount to order additional licences is CHF 40.- Please indicate your existing registration number on your order. You can find this number on the original disk, the licence letter or in the menu "Help" - "About Total Commander".