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Christian Ghisler, born in Switzerland in 1969, is the author of Total Commander and is solely responsible for the development and support of Total Commander.

C. Ghisler & Co.

Christian Ghisler together with his brother founded the company C. Ghisler & Co., Switzerland.


Christian Ghisler has studied Physics, Math and Computer Science.

E-mail address

You can contact Mr. Ghisler by e-mail. His e-mail address can be found at the bottom of the page

Produced software

Standalone software


Content plugins

  • AttrEx plugin - Sample plugin for showing extended files attributes.
  • Exif plugin - Plugin to extract digital camera data from JPG files.
  • Fsize plugin - Sample plugin for showing occupied space attributes.
  • Id3 tag plugin - Plugin to extract id3 tag data (version 1 only) from mp3 files.
  • Netware Info plugin - Plugin showing custom files attributes for Netware system.

File system plugins

Lister plugins

  • Ebcdicview - Plugin to show ebcdic encoded files.
  • Jpegthumbs - Plugin to load thumbnails of JPEG pictures in a very memory efficient and fast way.

Packer plugins

  • Bzip2 plugin - Plugin to create and extract bzip2 archives.
  • Diskdir - Plugin to create plain text files containing folder lists.
  • Makebat plugin - Plugin to create batch files and mp3 play lists (m3u).