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[[Ideas and suggestions#Usability improvements]]
[[Ideas and suggestions#Usability improvements]]
{{backlink:Ideas and suggestions#Usability improvements|Usability improvements}}
[[Category:Ideas and suggestions]]
[[Category:Ideas and suggestions]]

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When deleting a single file the filename which is about to be deleted is displayed inside the main text. For more than one file the filenames are displayed below the main text.

Suggestion: Always display the filename(s) below the main text.

Why would this be better? - It's easier to recognise as users don't have to extract the filename out of the main text. - It's easier to read because it's always displayed at the same location

Handling a single file is a really important case because of the way focus and selection works in TC. This is especially true for the delete function.

Discussion on this suggestion: http://www.ghisler.ch/board/viewtopic.php?p=304296#304296

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