Packer plugins developer errors

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Use the following values when you want to inform Totalcmd that an error ocurred.

Constant Value Description
0 Success
E_END_ARCHIVE 10 No more files in archive
E_NO_MEMORY 11 Not enough memory
E_BAD_DATA 12 Data is bad
E_BAD_ARCHIVE 13 CRC error in archive data
E_UNKNOWN_FORMAT 14 Archive format unknown
E_EOPEN 15 Cannot open existing file
E_ECREATE 16 Cannot create file
E_ECLOSE 17 Error closing file
E_EREAD 18 Error reading from file
E_EWRITE 19 Error writing to file
E_SMALL_BUF 20 Buffer too small
E_EABORTED 21 Function aborted by user
E_NO_FILES 22 No files found
E_TOO_MANY_FILES 23 Too many files to pack
E_NOT_SUPPORTED 24 Function not supported

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