Plugins usage in 3rd-party applications

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There are several source examples for those who wants to use Total Commander plugins in their applications.

Lister plugins (WLX)

  • ATViewer: Delphi source. Special component developed which allows to use Lister plugins in your Delphi applications. The almost complete Lister interface is implemented. Component is also available on
  • WDX/WLX Guide: Delphi source. Simple implementation of Lister interface. Handling of many Lister properties is missed.
  • WLX2FAR - FAR plugin: C++ source. Plugin for FAR Manager.

Packer plugins (WCX)

File-system plugins (WFX)

Content plugins (WDX)

  • WDX/WLX Guide: Delphi source. Correct Content interface implementation, but not the latest version - changing of custom columns values is not supported.
  • SuperWDX: Delphi source. Based on WDX/WLX Guide.

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