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OpenArchiveData is used in OpenArchive.

 typedef struct {
   char* ArcName;
   int OpenMode;
   int OpenResult;
   char* CmtBuf;
   int CmtBufSize;
   int CmtSize;
   int CmtState;
 } tOpenArchiveData;


ArcName contains the name of the archive to open. OpenMode is set to one of the following values:

Constant Value Description
PK_OM_LIST 0 Open file for reading of file names only
PK_OM_EXTRACT 1 Open file for processing (extract or test)

OpenResult used to return one of the error values if an error occurs.

The Cmt* variables are for the file comment. They are currently not used by Total Commander, so may be set to NULL.


If the file is opened with OpenMode==PK_OM_LIST, ProcessFile will never be called by Total Commander.

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