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Please try to put your suggestions in the appropriate article section, or add a new section if necessary!

The following templates can be used to label the current implementation status of a feature
  • Impl.png implemented - fully implemented in current stable version of Total Commander
  • Progress16px.png (partially implemented) - the suggestion has been implemented in current stable version of Total Commander. Some aspects haven't been implemented so far.
  • Not impl.png (not implemented yet) - not implemented in current stable version of Total Commander
  • Confirmed impl.png (confirmed) - will be added in next version of Total Commander (confirmed by Christian Ghisler)
  • Unknown impl.png (unknown) - implementation status unknown. Feel free to change the status when you are sure.
  • Deprecated.png (deprecated) - The suggestion no longer makes sense to be implemented as described. The problem might have been solved another way or Total Commander has evolved into another direction. This should be set by the original requester only.
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