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This page lists some plugins which are currently neither listed on nor released officially on
The list was initially compiled by XPEHOPE3KA, and it was initially in Russian - that's why it is semitranslated.


  • The colors have priorities in order of their definition:
  marks information, which has changed within last update of this file.
  marks addons not recommended for use. Reasons differ - look through the links and comments.
  marks those addons, which are already listed at, but listed not fully, or just mentioned in a strange place, etc...
  • If there is a page, which contains more or less comprehensive description of addon's function, the 'comments' field may be omitted.
  • The table is sorted first by price, then by author and at last by addon's title.

Full list

Type Title / Version $ Author aka nick (forum) Addon's page №1 Addon's page №2 Download (direct link or not!) Comments
document TC paramake 0 Andreas Janka     From MS-Access база с расширениями файлов для их удобного портирования в TC searches. Вот только на немецком и не работает (у меня)
wcx CabCE 1.0 beta 0 Andreas Ziemer Homepage Sources From author  
wcx Imaginator 1.6 0 Andreas Ziemer Homepage   From author 1.5
wlx Obj view 1.2 0 Andreas Ziemer Homepage   From author  
iconpack MAC dll 0 BEndER     From  
wfx Motorola P2K 0 Bezols     From author 0.4
wfx Brew Mobile Plugin 0.2.0b 0 BEZY ( Homepage Discussion From author  
wfx OperaFS 0 Bishop ( Homepage   From author Works with notes.adr and Opera6.adr files of Opera browser. Has custom columns
wlx CadView 0 Cadsofttools Homepage   From author 5.11
wlx Total DICOM Lister 0 Captain Stark Homepage   From author Lister Plugin for displaying metadata of DICOM files (*.dcm)
wcx MSC 0 Chun Sejin aka nyam Homepage   From author Работает с файлами MS-COMPRESS (*.??_)
iconpack tcm-plus 0 Claude Charries Homepage   From author Collection of icons for TC use - icl, ico and more
exe+ma Multiarc addons collection 0 Clubtotal     From Коллекция аддонов к мультиарку. Мастхэв.
wclx Albumpack 1.03 0 Commsoft Homepage   Select 'Total Commander plugins' in the combobox. Then press on the desired plugin. To download anything from that site you must be registered on it.  
wcx Cryptonite 1.01 0 Commsoft Homepage   1.0
wflx DBLister 2.01 0 Commsoft Homepage    
wlx Image Lister 1.01 0 Commsoft Homepage   1.00
wlx Winamp Playlist Lister 1.02 0 Commsoft Homepage   1.01
wdx etiEtt 0 Dariusz J. Kawecki     From Для работы с ett-файлами, созданными программой Etykiety/etiLabel
wlx GSA 1.02.1 0 darkz Homepage Discussion From author  
wlx Muniview 1.1.11 0 David Motl Homepage   From author  
wcx decJpegWCX 0 Dec ( Announcement   From author  
wlx decJsgWLX 0 Dec ( Announcement   From author  
wdx FileScanner 1.0 0 exxc ( Announcement   From Показывает данные из PE файлов (AddressOfEntryPoint, NumberOfSections...)
exe+wlx MyViewPad 3.5 0 fCoder Group Inc Homepage   From author 2.5.0 beta
wdx RegInfo 0 fenixproductions ( Announcement   From author  
wcx fhRAR 0.1.0 0 FlyingHorse ( Homepage Discussion From author Allows to work with multivolume and encrypted RAR archives. Sources available. Not all codepages (in filenames) are supported
wcx fhRAR 0.2.3 0 Updated by Postkutscher ( Announcement   Not from author Better handling of codepages, some other fixes
wlx Mp3IdTag 1.0 0 Francois Gannier aka fg_2002fr     From Показывает Id3v1 тег mp3-файла и проигрывает файл, вернее, пытается проиграть… Пользуйтесь лучше другими плагинами
wlx ebcdicview 0 Ghisler Announcement   From author  
wlx Ebcdic view 0 Updated by Helmut Walder     From It seems that a tunable transcoding table was added
wcx Dar 02.11.08 0 gulikoza ( Announcement Sources From author Disk Archive unpack plugin
wlx logtail 0 hgp ( Discussion Announcement From Показывает изменение логов в реальном времени
wfx XBox DVD 1.2 0 ikk Discussion   From author Works with XBox game backup directly from DVD, without any need to create an ISO image. Sources available
wfx NokiaFS и 0 (IRoN) ( Homepage Discussion From author (beta)
exe sha256h 0 JackFoo ( Discussion   Not from author Создаёт и проверяет sha256 дайджесты. Сравните с checksum
exe QuickSearchPlus 0 Jaco Kwak aka jaco Homepage Discussion From  
wlx Highlight 1.1 0 Jens Theess Homepage   From author Плагин для подсветки текста программ. Есть Sources
wdx HashSys 0.2 0 joelhewitt ( Discussion   From Подсчитывает 26 типов хэш-функций, включены Sources
exe List2Desc 0 Jonas Bahr aka Jonas Homepage Announcement From author Заносит в файл описания descipt.ion короткие имена выделенных файлов (переписывая имеющиеся описания!!!)
wfx iPod (языки обновились) 0 Jonas Bahr aka Jonas Homepage Discussion From author version
wfx Sequences 0.10 и 0.15b 0 Juergen ( Homepage Beta version 0.15 From author Представляет файлы вида f1.txt, f2.txt, f4.txt, f5.txt, f6.txt в виде f1.txt, f2.txt, f[4-6].txt
wlx VisualDirSize 1.3b3 0 Karol Zoladek aka kajoj Homepage   From author 1.2
wcx MPQ 0 Ladislav Zezula Homepage   From author
wcx MATwcx 1.83b 0 Leandro Barajas aka Xcorpio Homepage Announcement From author Работает с файлами .mat, .fig, .rpt, .qry, .sid, .spt версий Matlab R13, 14
wdx NTFS descriptions 1.1 0 Led ( Discussion   From author  
wdx TextLine 1.0 0 Led (     From author Shows a string of certain number from a file, user can use DOS/WIN codepage and specify autoreplace of certain chars
wdlx Font 0.09 0 LionTech ( Homepage Discussion From author 0.08
exe New file 1.01 0 Maciej Adamczyk     From Позволяет создавать папки и пустые файлы. Дефолтное имя настраивается
exe TC multiple commands 0.12 0 Maciej Adamczyk     From Позволяет посылать тоталу несколько команд сразу
exe TC restarter 0 Maciej Adamczyk     From  
exe TotalEditor 0.18 0 Maciej Adamczyk Discussion   From Ещё одна отличная замена Choice Editor'у. Поддерживает списки файлов
wdx TrID 0.1b2 0 Maciej Adamczyk     From Узнаёт тип файла по его содержимому
wlx AmlView 1.21 0 Mazov Gosha ( Homepage Discussion From author  
wfx ssplugin 0 Michal Czerwinski     From Works with Source Save 6.0 project. It's alpha version, sources are lost. Better use the other plugin, listed at
wlx IMGView 1.0 (12.04.07) 0 Michael Diegelmann ( Homepage Discussion From author  
wcx Cab 0 ML Roberts     From Works with InstallShield CAB & hdr. It doesn't unpack, but sources available. Better use MultiArc addons
wcx UnLZX 2.0 0 mofi ( Announcement   From Sources
wlx NFOViewer 0.8 0 MovieZ ( Discussion   Not from author Views NFO- and DIZ-files, can save them as pictures, supports thumbnails. Localized versions: German version, Spanish version
exe TCBBL 0.83 0 nsp ( Homepage Discussion From author  
wfx EnsoniqFS 0.55 beta 0 nullp01nter Homepage   From author  
wdx Extended file attributes 0 OliverPA ( Discussion   Not from author  
wcx ATR 1.4 0 Pajero/Madteam     From 0.5 beta
wcx Cabwcx 1.1 0 Paraglider Homepage   From author  
wcx PDUnSIS 1.0 0 Patrik Daransky     From Для распаковки SIS-архивов
wfx Turbo Winamp 1.00 beta 0 Peter Abelsson Homepage Author's homepage From author Позволяет работать с плейлистами winamp2.x. Требует .NET Framework
wcx Amiga PP 06.02.06 0 Peter Bakota Homepage   From author 1.0
wcx MSI plus 0 Petr Bubela Homepage   From author 0.50
wlx ListTAP 0 piwi66 ( Homepage Source   Plugin for GDR-homecomputer emulator files, written in Delphi, with Source
wdx Cert 0 PopovDM     From Для работы с сертификатами и криптографией (в банках)
wcx Pl plugin 1.4 0 Progress tools Homepage   From author 1.2
exe+ma innounp 0.19 0 QuickeneR Homepage     Аддон можно взять здесь. Автор аддона - arsvrn, юзер с руборда. На - 0.07 версия
wlx HTMLView 1.2 0 Rk Homepage Sources From author 1.1
wfx GMailFS 0.1 0 RMK Homepage   From author Когда-то давал доступ к gmail-аккаунту в виде файловой системы. Сейчас не даёт.
exe Recycle bin cleaner 1.2.1 0 Sam Dark ( Homepage Announcement From author Command-line recycle bin cleaner. Run it once to see all options.
wcx Aviwcx 1.7 0 Sascha Hlusiak Homepage   From author С скачивается эта же версия, но вот заявлена она как 1.5
wdx Media 0.8 (edits tags!!) 0 SCHMaster ( Homepage   From author 0.6.1
exe Clear History for TC 1.1 0 sergeich (     From author  
exe TC here 0 Shao Zi yang     From Позволяет запускать TC с заданными файлами настроек и заданных директориях в панелях
wdx ShedkoBadgesTC 1.0 0 Shedko ( Homepage Announcement From author Есть русский ридми
exe+wlx TCThemes alpha 0 Sheridan ( Homepage Discussion From author Управляет темами тотала.
wlx XML 1.0 0 Sheridan ( Homepage Announcement From author На 40% сделанный плагин может просмотреть xml-файлы - не базы данных
wcx swfproj 1.0 0 shuriksoft ( Homepage   From author  
wfx Android FS Plugin 0 SztupY Homepage Source Download XDA Forum
wlx WaveView 1.0 alternative 0 SSRLabs Homepage   From author 1.0
exe Choose Media Player 1.53 0 TC2MP ( Homepage   From author Добавляет выделенные файлы в плееры. Всё настраиваемо. Windows Media Player не поддерживается по вине Microsoft.
wfx Outlook & 0 Thomas Beutlich aka tbeu Discussion Sources of From author (version Sources of version DO include a working wfx
wcx GCF 1.1 0 Timo Stripf Homepage   From author Для работы с форматом Valve's GCF
wfx Link Drive 1.0.0 0 Tir Na Nog Homepage   From author  
exe List2MultiInstance2005 0 Tir Na Nog Homepage   From author  
wlx M3UView 1.0.0 0 Tir Na Nog Homepage   From author  
wcdx NTFS Stream 0 Tir Na Nog Homepage   From author  
wfx Temp Drive 1.0.1 0 Tir Na Nog Homepage   From author  
wfx REB1100 0.2a 0 TurtleBlast software Homepage   From author  
wcx Z archiver 0.2 0 Unusual works     From page (no working download link)
wfx Clipboard Content 0 VadiMGP ( Homepage Announcement From author  
wdx FileType 1.3 0 VadiMGP (     From Don't use this. There's FileX plugin by the same author
wfx Fast search engine 0 VadiMGP ( Homepage Discussion From author  
exe TCMenu 2.0b10 0 VadiMGP ( Homepage Discussion From author 1.9
exe TCToolbar 1.4 0 VadiMGP ( Homepage Discussion From author  
exe WDXChart 0 VadiMGP ( Homepage Announcement From author Shows wdx-plugins' fields applied to a list of files (there should be %L in parameters field for the button for this utility)
wlx WDXGuide 0 VadiMGP ( Homepage Announcement From author WDXChart in a lister window
wcx TotalRSZ 1.2 beta 52 0 W. Dong aka taohe Homepage Announcement Homepage must be opened in IE-based browser. Then press on the desired plugin. Then press on the desired archive volume - a page with two buttons appears. Press the right one - you got the download link. For resizing images in batch mode
wcx TotalZAR 0 W. Dong aka taohe Homepage   Works with archives packed two times with zip and/or rar
exe New file wizard 1.4.5 0 Y ( Homepage Wiki page Not from author Creates files using user-defined templates. Remembers history. Uses registry ("New" menu) so it's not recommended to use.
wcx MPQ 1.03a 0 ziutek     From Works with MPQ-format from Blizzard. A new version (by another programmer) is available - search this list
wlx MdErtLister 2.0 0 Arkadiy Kucher aka Abadonna Homepage Old version From author Universal plugin for files created with 1C program: md,ert,dd,dds,usr,mlg
wdx CDA File Info 1.0 0 Alexander Asyabrik aka Shura     From  
exe TC Color presets 0 Alexander Sedov aka IMPOMEZIA Homepage   From author Manages TC [colors] and [searches]. Requires TC 7.0, because it uses RedirectSection wincmd.ini key (all color schemes are in separate files)
exe SM2BT 0.2.2 & 0.5 beta 0 Alexey Viskubov aka GeNtlE Homepage     Mighty alternative for KillOk
wlx RadminPlg 3.21 0 Alexey Vorobey Homepage   From author  
wfx WIACam 1.0 0 Anton Korneev Homepage Announcement From author  
wflx SGHFS 1.41+SGHMMF 1.2 0 Vadim Borodavko aka Javer Homepage   From author 1.3
wfx Canoncam 1.8 0 Vladislav Sagunov Homepage Version for EOS cameras From author 1.7
wfx FB2Lib 0.5.6 0 Dmitriy Roshka aka bookmist Homepage   From author A FB2-books library manager
exe FB2Lib SettsEd 0 Dmitriy Roshka aka bookmist Homepage   From author  
wcx FB2 Data Extractor 0 Dmitriy Roshka aka bookmist Homepage   From author  
wdx FB2 Metadata 0 Dmitriy Roshka aka bookmist Homepage   From author  
wlx FB2 Thumbnails 0 Dmitriy Roshka aka bookmist Homepage   From author  
exe TC History Cleaner 0 Egor Zhukov aka KiSh     From Моментально очищает историю в wincmd.ini
wlx PictureViewer 0.0.4 0 Ivan Shinkarenko aka 4ekucT     Not from author Buggy: sometimes it closes silently, cursor arrows make inverted effect... Two dlls from the "plugins" folder must be in %windir%\system32
wlx Putty 0.0.3 0 Ivan Shinkarenko aka 4ekucT     Not from author  
wlx WebBrowser 0.0.3 0 Ivan Shinkarenko aka 4ekucT     Not from author Esc doesn't exit, "4" doesn't load next plugin... and this plugin works slowlier than htmlview
exe wincmdiclchanger 0 Igor Murij Homepage   Not from author  
wcx Catalog Maker 3.1.4 0 Konstantin Polyakov Homepage Sources From 2.4
wdx Group 0.8.2b 0 Mikhail Doronin aka MiDoS Homepage   From author  
wdx Rename 0.5a 0 Mikhail Doronin aka MiDoS Homepage   From author  
wfx Tweak Collector 1.25l 0 Mikhail Yanukovich aka C@PRiK0RN Announcement   From  
exe KillOk 3.1 0 Motorocker ( Homepage   From author Automatically kills user-defined windows of certain types
exe Total Scripts 0.9.3 beta 2 0 Oleg Dubrovskiy Homepage   From author  
wlx SMI 0 Pavel Anosov aka Anoss Discussion Announcement Not from author Позволяет просматривать сжатые SMS = *.smi - Siemens Mobile Phone Inbox SMS File
wdx Code 0 Pavel Dubrovskiy aka D1P Discussion   From author  
wfx Opera bookmarks 0 Pavel Dubrovskiy aka D1P Discussion   From author Sources
wfx Opera notes 0 Pavel Dubrovskiy aka D1P Announcement   From author  
wdx EML 1.0 0 Pavel Dubrovskiy aka D1P Announcement   From author  
wfx Siemens DES 1.2 0 Roman Vasilenko Homepage   From author 1.1
wfx Siemens MPM 2.01a 0 Roman Vasilenko, Artur Shvedov Homepage   From author  
wlx ListForm 1.0 0       From  
exe Lst2run 0.4b 0       From  
iconpack MAC exe 0       From  
wfx SEPhone 0   Homepage   From author Доступ к файловой системе SonyEricsson k500/k700/k750/s700/w800/t630
exe TC Dir 0       From Аналогична утилите inireloc от Гислера, только на русском
wlx TxQuickView 1.3 0 SpeedProject Homepage   From author 1.2
wfx Complex TC burner 3.68 $14.95 Complex New Technologies Homepage   From author 3.65
wfx Back2Life 2.4 $15 Alex Mokrov Homepage   From author 2.1
exe Password recovery 1.0.120 $17 Reactive Software Homepage   From author Платная бездарная альтернатива сразу трём бесплатным и более функциональным утилитам.

Packer plugins

File system plugins

Lister plugins

  • ShellThumbs 1.00 Lister plugin with thumbnail only support. Same as internal Explorer thumbs mode (very buggy --> not recommended!!!).
  • Nfoviewer 0.8 EN Plugin allows to view nfo and diz files. Support Thumbnail view, option for save as picture, block select... (author: MovieZ) Localized Versions: German version, Spanish version

Content plugins