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The following function has been added to plugin version 2.1. It's optional:

  • The new function PackSetDefaultParams informs the plugin about the plugin version number and suggested ini location.

The following functions have been added in packer plugin version 2.0. All of them are optional. Plugins written with the first specification will continue to work without changes.

  • A new flag PK_CAPS_SEARCHTEXT can be returned by GetPackerCaps to allow searching for text with this plugin. Nothing else needs to be changed to support text searches.
  • The new function CanYouHandleThisFile can be implemented to support archives with different extensions than the default extension, e.g. self-extracting archives. Total Commander calls this function when PK_CAPS_BY_CONTENT is returned by GetPackerCaps. Use this option with care with large plugins! If it isn't specified, your plugin will only be loaded for that specific file type, otherwise for all file types.
  • Functions to pack in memory. These are used to create TAR.Plugin archives in one operation, e.g. tar.bz2. Most plugins will not need to support them.

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