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'How do I make my USB key/drive autorun Total Commander when I plug it in?'

During this tutorial, we'll consider your USB drive as being Z:\

  1. Create a directory named "Tools" on the root of your USB key/drive --> "Z:\Tools"
  2. Copy the total commander folder (Totalcmd) inside the "Tools" folder (after this, Totalcmd.exe should be located at "Z:\Tools\TotalCmd\TotalCmd.exe")
  3. Create an autorun.inf file as shown under in the root of your USB key/drive --> Z:\autorun.inf

Autorun.inf content

label=Total Commander USB Key

action=Total Commander
open=Tools\TotalCmd\Totalcmd.exe /L=%%COMMANDER_PATH%%\..\.. /R=%%SYSTEMDRIVE%% /P=L  

Shell\TotalCmd=&Total Commander
Shell\TotalCmd\Command=Tools\TotalCmd\Totalcmd.exe /L=%%COMMANDER_PATH%%\..\.. /R=%%SYSTEMDRIVE%% /P=L

Just unplug your USB key/drive and plug it back... Now TotalCmd autostarts ! It will open your USB key/drive root folder on the left panel, and the local system drive on the right panel.

This works under Windows XP SP2.

That's all folks !

Addendum by WaViJo

For those of us who run into drives that have autorun disabled I suggest that you leave TC installed on the USB key just the way USB installer had installed it so that starttc.exe will still run - but you can have your cake & eat it too. You could change the open= line to starttc.exe deleting the rest; then the USB key will autorun on systems where it's not disabled. On systems where autorun is disabled you browse over to the USB key drive & launch starttc.exe manually, as before. If you want the shell to be as above & want both capabilities then take out Tools\ everywhere you see it in your autorun.inf, above, then you'll have this autorun.inf configured nearly identically as above & you will still be able to launch TC manually on systems that have autorun disabled.

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