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When to backup

If you are installing Total Commander over an existing installation you usually do not need to backup anything (for exceptions, see "Additionally" below). If you, however, want to install Total Commander on another computer or are planning to reformat your hard drive, these are the files you need to backup:

What to backup

  • wincmd.ini 
    This file stores all of your Total Commander related settings except those concerning FTP connections
  • wcx_ftp.ini 
    Here are all FTP related settings, most importantly your FTP connections (which you see when you press Ctrl-F)
The location of these files is stored in the registry and can be modified, so it can be different on every computer. To see where these INI files are located, just click on Help - About Total Commander...

  • wincmd.key 
    Either of these is your keyfile if you are using a registered version of Total Commander.
  • *.bar files 
    These files store your button bar(s). is an exception, as this is an automatically generated empty button bar.


These files get overwritten when you install Total Commander on top of itself. You either need to back them up or change their attributes to read-only.

  • wcmzip32.dll 
    In case you replaced the default wcmzip32.dll with the encryption-enabled alternative.
  • Language\*.mnu
    If you are using modified menu or language files.


Do not forget to backup plugin configurations. Usually, each plugin uses its own settings file, however, some use the proposed lsplugin.ini or fsplugin.ini located in the same directory as wincmd.ini. See each plugin's documentation for details about where it stores its settings.