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This program is bi-lingual, French and English.

Allows to copy a selection of files to a selection of directories. All files are copied to all directories. With the help of TC's "cm_CopyFullNamesToClip" and "Save Tabs to File", or using TC's TAB files and parameters passing, A simple click on CopyToTabs icon in TC's button bar will start a copy project. Projects can be saved and re-used later.

CopyToTabs can be used even without TC at all, but manually. The various files can be saved, edited, and used later in tilme.

The link to CopyToTabs description and download (a 180k download):

CopyToTabs description and download from the author's web site

The author's web site with lots of other FreeWare!

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Eitan Gilboa

4 August 2009