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You can add a context menu entry "Total Commander" that will open folders in Total Commander.

  • Create a new text file with a .reg extension (Windows Registry Script), e.g. tc.reg.
  • Paste the following text into it:


@="Total Commander"

@="\"C:\\Program files\\Total Commander\\TOTALCMD.EXE\" /O \"%1\""
  • Change the path in the last line to where you have installed Total Commander.
  • The /O switch means reuse an existing Total Commander window rather than opening a new one, even if you have unticked the "Allow only 1 copy ..." Configuration option.
  • If you want TC to open folders by default when double-clicking, remove the semicolons.
  • Double-click this file in TC or Explorer. You should see a message-box about successfully updating the registry.
  • To reset to opening folders in Windows explorer as usual, run this .reg file:



Windows 7

On Windows 7 (and Vista?), the HKCR\Folder key controls not only ordinary folders but also things like Control Panel folders. In previous versions of Windows, TC could open these but not in Windows 7 so you need a slightly different .reg file:

 Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
 @="c:\\totalcmd\\TOTALCMD64.EXE /O \"%1\""
 @="c:\\totalcmd\\TOTALCMD64.EXE /O \"%1\""

The HKCR\Directory key only affects normal file folders, not special folders.

Powershell code is:

   New-PSDrive -Name HKCR -PSProvider Registry -Root HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT
   sp HKCR:\Drive\shell -name "(Default)" -Value "open"
   mkdir HKCR:\Drive\shell\open\command -force
   sp HKCR:\Drive\shell\open\command  -name "(Default)" -Value "$ENV:COMMANDER_PATH\TOTALCMD64.EXE /O ""%1"""
   sp HKCR:\Directory\shell -name "(Default)" -Value "open"
   mkdir HKCR:\Directory\shell\open\command -force
   sp HKCR:\Directory\shell\open\command  -name "(Default)" -Value "$ENV:COMMANDER_PATH\TOTALCMD64.EXE /O ""%1"""

To open folders in Windows Explorer as usual, run this .reg file:

 Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

Recycle Bin Integration

  • If you want to open the Recycle Bin in Total Commander:

@="\"C:\\TOTALCMD\\totalcmd.exe\" /O /T \"C:\\RECYCLER\\S-1-5-21-606747145-162531612-682003330-1003\\\""
  • For reset to default Windows behaviour of Recycle Bin:


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