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AutoHotkey is a complementary program which can be used to initiate operations and automate tasks in Total Commander. AutoHotkey is a scripting language (kind of programming language) specifically designed to create hotkeys, which in AutoHotkey terminology means mouse, joystick and keyboard shortcuts.

Another notable feature is hotstrings (requires Windows NT/2000/XP or later). Hotstrings are basically the same as hotkeys except that they are triggered when a certain piece of text is typed. They are mainly used to automatically replace typed text with other texts but can be used to trigger any scripted action.

Getting started is not very hard. Just take a look at AutoHotkey's help file which is suited for beginners and advanced users as well and will help you to create your own scripts in no time.

Be aware that some AHK-Scripts with different versions of Windows do not work properly or possibly do not work at all.

How does it work?

In order to make use of the following scripts you have to

  1. install AutoHotkey;
  2. save the script as WhateverYouLike.ahk (alternatively add it to the AHK autostart file AutoHotkey.ini);
  3. run it.


you compile the script with Ahk2Exe.exe (available in the zip-file at the AHK Download page). Thus you get a standalone exe-file you can run on each PC without Autohotkey installed. Disadvantage: You can't modify this compiled exe anymore.

Useful Scripts

GUI enhancements

AutoHotkey: Drives Tooltip (by SanskritFritz)

AutoHotkey: Move Quicksearch Box To Make Status Bar Visible (by Icfu)

AutoHotkey: Show elapsed / remaining / total / start / finish times in title bar of progress dialogs (by Hacker)

AutoHotkey: Show the active path in the title bar (by SanskritFritz)

AutoHotkey: Show the active path in the title bar extended (by StatusQuo)

AutoHotkey: TC Fav Menu (by majkinetor)

AutoHotkey: Tray Icon for TC (by SanskritFritz)

AutoHotkey: From FileSync open another TC instance with selected files (by StatusQuo)

Automatic actions

AutoHotkey: Automatic directory-specific configuration / actions (by Hacker)

AutoHotkey: Alt-Tab fix when minimized to tray (by TucknDar)

AutoHotkey: Reset the MultiRenameTool automatically (by SanskritFritz, Sheepdog)

AutoHotkey: Run or activate Total Commander (by SanskritFritz)

AutoHotkey: Auto-Delete BAK-files created by TC's File-Compare-Editor (by StatusQuo)

AutoHotkey: Launch a putty session out of an active sftp-plugin connection within TC (by TWatcher)

User experience improvements

Menus and such

AutoHotkey: Makedir and file create history (by Jungle)

AutoHotkey: Popup menu for button bar or F4 (by Mbirth)

AutoHotkey: Popup the splitter menu (by SanskritFritz)

AutoHotkey: Duplicate starter menu entry (or entry in directory hotlist) (by StatusQuo)

Help with Copy/Move/Pack/Download

AutoHotkey: Always copy / move in Queue (by Hacker)

AutoHotkey: Auto add URL to Background transfer manager (by Hacker)

AutoHotkey: Inplace rename with dialog (by Icfu, SanskritFritz)

AutoHotkey: Shutdown computer after download or copy (by SanskritFritz)

AutoHotkey: Unpack each archive to a separate subdir (by Icfu, Icfu, Hacker)

AutoHotkey: Automatically assign name for archive (by saturn)

AutoHotkey: AppendLnk option for packing (plus: Automatically assign name for archive) (by StatusQuo)

AutoHotkey: Move selected files to parent directory (by ArchCarrier)

AutoHotkey: Create shortcuts keeping timestamps (by Hacker)

Help with file panels

AutoHotkey: Backspace In Drive Root Opens My Computer (by Icfu)

AutoHotkey: Double click resets the splitter (by SanskritFritz)

AutoHotkey: Find Previous Match With Ctrl Shift Enter (by Icfu)

AutoHotkey: Go To Parent Directory When Doubleclicking Border (by Icfu)

AutoHotkey: Jump To The Next File Extension (by Icfu)

AutoHotkey: Mark Important Files Permanently (by Icfu)

AutoHotkey: Middle click opens new tab (by SanskritFritz)

AutoHotkey: ScrollLock functionality (by SanskritFritz)

AutoHotkey: Simultaneous switch to next/previous Tab in both panes (by Sheepdog)

Autohotkey: Spread Selection with Parameter (by Sheepdog)

AutoHotkey: With Alt - \ always to root of drive (by Sheepdog)

Autohotkey: When switching panels also transfer file selection (by StatusQuo)

Autohotkey: (Un)select all files in both panels with a single key combination (by StatusQuo)

Help with Config

AutoHotkey: Switch Language (by Sheepdog)

Help with the Clipboard

AutoHotkey: CopyNamesToClipWithoutExt (by Icfu, Hacker)

AutoHotkey: Copy Filename To Clipboard When Inplace-renaming (by Icfu)

AutoHotkey: Copy Selection To Clipboard In Lister (by Icfu)

AutoHotkey: Get the ftp address as hyperlink (by SanskritFritz)

Integration with external tools

AutoHotkey: Launch external diff (by SanskritFritz)

AutoHotkey: XML tidy for TC File Compare tool (by tomte)

AutoHotkey: Locate in TC (by SanskritFritz)

AutoHotkey: Paste TC's active path anywhere (by Hacker, SanskritFritz)

AutoHotkey: Send a command to Total Commander (by SanskritFritz)

AutoHotkey: Send a command to Total Commander (Accurate Version) (by Balderstrom)

AutoHotkey: Start Notepad In Lister (by Icfu)

AutoHotKey: Explorer Directory Tree (by Vigk)

AutoHotkey: Send a user command to Total Commander (by sunwind)

AutoHotkey: Copy and Paste of Exif via ExifTools (by Nikolay Cherkasov)

AutoHotkey: F4MiniMenu - Open selected file(s) in defined editor(s) (A F4Menu clone)] (by Hi5)

External (standalone) scripts

AutoHotkey: Close or minimize windows (by SanskritFritz)

AutoHotkey: Combine file parts (by Hacker)

AutoHotkey: Create .bat file to combine file parts (by Hacker)

AutoHotkey: Create folders from filenames (by Icfu)

AutoHotkey: Inplace rename facilities (by Gbo)

AutoHotkey: Launch putty or RDP sessions via a tree-driven selection menu (by mrbinary)

AutoHotkey: Make a Screenshot of the current Window with Irfanview (by Sheepdog)

AutoHotkey: Make shortcut file from clipboard contents (by StatusQuo)

AutoHotkey: Refresh the treeinfo.wc of certain drives (by Sheepdog)

AutoHotkey: Set folder timestamp to newest file (by SanskritFritz)

AutoHotkey: Simple file compare (by Hacker)

Useful addons

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