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The history of Total Commander starts on the 25th of September 1993 when Christian Ghisler released a 16-bit application for Windows 3.1x named "Windows Commander". This initial version was in German.

Many releases would follow the initial version. This page highlights some important moments in the history of Total Commander.

First English version

The first English version was released in December 1993 with version 1.10. Separate German and English versions were released: 1.10d (German) and 1.10e (English).

First international version

The first international version was released in August 1994 with version 1.40. This version supported the languages German, English and French.

Danish (version 1.50) and Dutch (version 1.51) were the first languages that were added to the international version.

First 32-bit version

Windows Commander 3.0 released in December 1996 was the first version also available in a 32-bit version. It was a completely new version, written in Delphi. The previous version was written in Turbo Pascal for Windows, which was not ported to 32-bit by Borland.

Both 16-bit version and 32-bit version were developed further.

Windows Commander becomes Total Commander

In October 2002 version 5.50 was released. This version was named "Total Commander" instead of "Windows Commander". The name was changed because the owner of the trademark "Windows" had complained that usage of term Windows could lead to confusion about the ownership of the software. [1]

Last 16-bit version

Total Commander 6.58, released in April 2008, was the last version also available in a 16-bit version.

First version with full Unicode support

The first version with full Unicode support was version 7.50, released in September 2009.

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