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Imagine is a small (380 Kb) and fast picture viewer that works standalone as well as a lister plugin in Total Commander. You can access all menu functions with Imagine's own context menu by right clicking on the displayed image in the Lister or Quickview window. Imagine supports adopted menus and language files as Total Commander does. It got it's own thumbnail view and may be installed as shell extension. Additional plugins and filter are supported, too. The download pack contains already some of them.

Imagine also comes with its own packer plugin (Imagine.wcx) that works with animated gif images. With the packer plugin you can pack files into an animated gif image by using the Alt-F5 dialog, or you can open an animated gif image by pressing Ctrl+PgDn on the file (as you can on any other packed file) - then each individual file inside the animation can be accessed.

Imagine is developed by Chun Sejin and is Freeware.

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