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Searching for text in files using a content plugin is currently quite complicated. I have to select the plugin and the field each time. It would be great if such fields are automatically used for text search. Total Commander should provide a way to configure these assignments based on the file types supported by the plugin.

Solution idea 1: Always enable search using plugins (and office files)

The fake screenshot displays a new button in the search dialog. The button can be used to open a configuration dialog where the user selects the plug-in fields which should be used for fulltext search.

Plugin fulltext setup.png

Solution idea 2: Expand existing checkbox

Since the first suggestion search in TC has evolved. It supported text search in certain non-plaintext file formats. There is still no support for fulltext search provided by plugins. As the new search option can be enabled by clicking a checkbox this could be used also for supporting content plugins here. The checkbox caption could be written in a more general way to make clear that it's not just about searching office files. The dialog to configure this option can be opened by clicking a button.

Contentplugin search.png

Pros and cons

The main difference between both solutions is that the user can decide whether or not searching in non-plaintext files is enabled or not on the top level. Some users may think that it should be enabled all the time while others want to use it only occasionally (especially when there is no search index covering file contents).

Forum discussion

This discussion on this suggestion discussed here: (German forum)

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