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I would like to see an internal button menu. I hope that even the author of TCmenu (VadiMGP) agrees that having an internal extended version of such a menu would be a nice enhancement.

Such a menu could have the following operation modes:

  • Simple mode: Comparable to TCmenu. It looks like a button but a menu is displayed containing the commands. Use: This is used to group various commands which somehow belong together.
  • Circulate mode: The button has a small arrow on the right side. The arrow is a clickable button. When clicking on this arrow button the menu is shown as in simple mode. In this mode a state must be present which saves the last executed command of this menu. A state indicator is shown on the left side. Use: Cycling between views.
  • History mode: Works similar to circulate mode but ends when reaching the end of the history. Use: Directory history.

The menu has a caption which informs the user of the the context of the button commands. Example: Views can be switched for the left, right and the source window.

Button menu prototype

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