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PowerPro lets you take control of how you use Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP. Run commands and configure your system any way you want. It also provides a powerful scripting interface.

How does it work?

In order to make use of the following scripts you have to

  1. install PowerPro;
  2. follow the steps described in the single recipes;


In order to get a plugin working with PowerPro you have to

  1. download the plugin (a good source for plugins is the Plugin Archive on www.pcrei.com)
  2. follow the installing instructions provided by the plugin (mostly it is sufficient to copy the plugin DLL to the plugins subdir in the PowerPro installation directory and copy to plugin INI file to the PowerPro installation directory)

KeyTrap plugin

While PowerPro itself provides the full facilities for keytraps, there is also an plugin for this purpose. The KeyTrap plugin offers a few advantages compared to the native keytrap support of PowerPro (see the document why use keytrap.txt, which is part of the plugin). KeyTrap is part of the Plugin Archive.

Useful Scripts and Recipes

  1. PowerPro: Always copy / move in Queue
  2. Local Menu. Call button bar dependent on current path. More detail
  3. Duplicate File. Create up to 99 files with equal contents. More detail
  4. Add/change comments (descript.ion) for many files at once. More detail
  5. Load sequentially all Lister plugins to quick view a file. More detail
  6. Configuration Manager. Perform many operations with wincmd.ini and other configuration files: backup/restore configuration, allow "smart" saving of different configurations, load new instances of Total Commander with different settings, copy section from one file to another, etc. More detail
  7. Load predefined custom view with one click. More detail
  8. Three scripts with the same function: assign creation/modification date/time of one file to another. Single file: More detail; Many files (same names, target-to-source panels): More detail; General case - Save to/restore from file: More detail
  9. Perform typical search operations: find files according to saved search; find file with name from clipboard; find text from clipboard; find in archives; find file with specific size. More detail
  10. Save source panel tabs to the temporary file. Load them from file when necessary. More detail
  11. Move current tab to target panel irrespective of its lock state. More detail
  12. Close All Tabs in source panel irrespective of their lock state. More detail
  13. TabTools. Tab functions not provided by Total Commander: list all tabs in both panels with lock states, active tab indication in both panels, paths and/or captions; check path validity and close tabs pointing to invalid paths; automatically give comprehensive captions to tabs (4 modes); close source panel tabs duplicating target panel tabs; close any tab with one click (even if locked); highlight any tabs, close all tabs. More detail
  14. Load specific button bar. More detail
  15. Merge two existing button bars into one new bar. More detail
  16. Convert Total Commander button to Windows shortcut (.lnk) and vice versa. More detail
  17. Copy selected file names to clip with different options: path, name, extension in any combination. Replace backslash with any string. Add any string before/after each file name. More detail
  18. Move up/down in directory structure order. More detail
  19. Move files from subdirectories to parent directory (optionally with renaming). More detail
  20. Descrease excessive depth level. More detail
  21. Copy selected files to many targets. More detail
  22. Mark current tab with color. Screenshot More detail

External links

Official website of PowerPro

Site providing collected plugins for Powerpro (powerpro.pcrei.com)

PowerPro Scripts for Total Commander (English)

PowerPro Scripts for Total Commander (English)

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