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Improvement ideas

Don't use cache when synchronizing with FTP server

I'm using the synchronize feature very often to compare my local working copy with a remote FTP server. In that case I find it unacceptable, that TC seems to use cached file names/dates. Synchronize should do, what the name suggests: make sure, that the local copy corresponds to the server version.

You know, I'm not the only one updating the FTP server, at any time someone else might have updated the FTP server files. But, as far as I can see, TC uses it's cache, when synchronizing, at least for all directories, it has seen before.

Ignore Source Code Control System Meta Files/Dirs

When synchronizing a local folder tree under source code control e.g. CVS (Concurrent Versions System) or SVN (Subversion) with a remote FTP server then typically the meta data folders (CVS or .svn respectively) don't need to be put onto the server. To exclude these at compare time you may use a filter '*.* | CVS\' or '*.* | .svn\' or even '*.* | CVS\ .svn\'. Note the backslash after the folder names.

  • This feature absolutely should be documented in the TC help file including a sample!
  • The last filter used should be the default for the next compare operation on another folder, even after closing/reopening synch view!

Besides, there may be other files to ignore, e.g. *.o or *.obj files etc. In case of CVS there is also a file .cvsignore potentially everywhere. Just ignore these as usual by extending your filter with file names/patterns.

Flag / tickbox for each folder down the list for "Ignore This Folder" in the folder name line. Or, compare-flag for the entire folder like there is for files.

First of all, this tool should display list of files that will be compared, then I'd like to have an option to exclude files/folders from that action. When I'm doing an update, that change several files, but not for sure 600mb file, I'd like to exclude that file from comparision.

Add an option for "Synchronize dirs" (with ftp and txt files)

In such a way that text (or html) files differing by exactly the same number of characters that their number of lines should be more clearly identified as different files. See a related forum topic.

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