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Jump to: navigation, search had an article about Flash-Stick-Manufacturer announcing first U3-USB-Sticks ...

This technologie enables to install programs and data onto these U3-USB-Sticks. These programs and data, beeing installed on that stick, do not leave the stick. If one removes that USB-Stick from the PC, all programs started by the U3-Stick are closed automatically, so that neither on the non removable disk nor in main storage somewhat stays.

The only constraint: Both the stick and the programs must fulfill the U3 specification (you can find at

I am very interested in this technologie because I am not really allowed to install software on my PC and using such a stick with an enhanced TC would be great !!

An open source developement kit is available:

Update: An U3 installer can now be downloaded here (currently it's still a test version): forum message Author: Ghisler(Author)

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