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On this page you can put your suggestions for new tools to complement Total Commander. Existing tools can be found at Shell extensions and addons.

Desktop Search function

In the Find Files window, can you make an option to search for files (text) in all the computer. But to make the search real fast you need to generate an index file previously. The index file should be generated when the computer is idle. This is how Google Desktop does it.

Integration with Google Desktop Search

How about using the Google Desktop Search index instead of creating a new Total Commander file indexer?

Improvements in Synchronize Dirs

1. File/folder ignore mask - multiple, separated by ';', as in search (global ignore list from TC options is not used). Ignoring by attributes can also be useful. 2. Comparison utility: provide setup for external comparing utility - just run then <utility> %1 %2, like that 3. Advanced comparing options - checkboxes list for comparing size, date, contents. Content comparison exists now, but can you enable it for FTP folder(s) ?

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