Total Commander is not able to read certain special characters in filenames e.g. Alt-255. What can I do?

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Dos and Windows use different character sets, ASCII und ANSI. Certain chars in the ASCII set e.g. the graphic chars in DOS simply do not exist under Windows! In this case you have to open a DOS-box and rename the file. A similar prolem occurs under Windows NT: Here the files are saved with unicode names. So Total Commander could not access files with names from some different languages than those set in Windows( e.g. with english Windows you will get problems to access files with russian or chinese filenames.) A workaround could be to create a button with the internal command cm_SwitchLongNamesand to switch Total Commander to the display the 8.3 names. Thus you should be able to access those files, i.e. switch into folders, copy, move rename such files.

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