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The unified command system I suggested years had been a fully-fledged approach to unify all the ways command can be initiated in TC. Many things have changed since then. There are now universal actions which can be used in many places. However I think there is room for improvement without reinventing the wheel.

Consistent editing of buttons, menu items, hotkeys, …

Editing the button bar, menu bar (and other places where actions can be launched) is currently very different. In case of the menu it’s really cumbersome. It requires manual editing of the menu file and former creation of em commands.

Transparent creation of actions

When creating a button the command is directly created in the button. When I want to assign a hotkey to it or add a menu item I have to create a command first. So the idea is to always create a command when creating a button. This should be done everywhere were it makes sense.



Mockup hints

  • The mockup is not fully functional - just a rough expression of my ideas
  • The editor would be launched e.g. when clicking ‚Edit‘ in the menu file selection.
  • Clicking ‚Add‘ opens a submenu of things which can be edited.
  • Clicking the ‚Pack‘ menu item will display an integrated command browse dialog on the right hand side. The pack command would be selected in a real app.
  • Clicking ‚My command‘ displays custom command properties on the right hand side.
  • The preview button would be available for the button bar only. Clicking it would update the button bar without actually applying the new content. An alternative would be a preview in a popup window.
  • The ‚Add‘ menu would differ depending on the type of command launcher. Several items might be called differently or missing for certain types of command launchers.[/list]