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The initial comment

This is just an opening/initial comment (i.e. a welcoming message) on my own user page so that I could create this particular discussion/talk page in the first place. Anyway, in my opinion, Wiki-type sites are definitely a great; a community of "spare-time contributors" to the general common good.

regards Satyr-Talk/Discuss, on August 9, 2006

Ghisler site

So, you are a webmaster? Can you create new nice site for Current is outdated a little..
Regards, Alextp

Re: Ghisler site

No Alextp, I am not webmaster, not at all. Hm curious, where did you get that idea anyways ??

regards Satyr-Talk/Discuss, on August 22, 2006


Ah.. sorry then. :)
I got this idea from reading your user-info. From mentioned your 4 or more homesites. Wrong it seems.