Wrong program launched from CD bug

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«Will be fixed with the release of Total Commander 7 Beta 3

The following preconditions must be met:

  • Multiple programs (.exe files) with the same beginning of the Filename in the same folder
  • Filename is longer than 8.3 characters
  • The programs are located on a CD

Bug description:

Double clicking or pressing enter on a program with similar beginning of the filename results in launching the program with the shortest similar name.


  • My Program.Exe
  • My Program - Plugins.Exe
  • My Program - Languages.Exe

No matter which of those three is double clicked, "My Program.Exe" will always be launched instead.


Delphi function "WinExec" needs to be called with a preceeding and succeeding \" in order to work correctly with long filenames that contain spaces.


  • Shift+Enter / Shift+double click on filename (actually meant for starting a command line application without closing the output window)
  • Ctrl+Enter, Enter / Ctrl+Shift+Enter, Enter on filename for copying filename to TC's command line and launching it.»
Fixed in Total Commander 7.0 public beta 3
07.01.07 Fixed: Problems starting programs with similar names containing spaces from CD

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