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DM2 is a tiny shell enhancement that offers features like

  • Always on Top
  • Transparency
  • Minimize to tray
  • Minimize to floating icon (known from ICQ for example)

and is extensible by plugins.


  • Program grouping like in fungusTabs
  • Open/Save places bar editor known from TweakUI
  • Grouping in favorites and menu icons.
  • Click on any place of a window to move it (aka X-Window moving) like Winamp does, realized in Nuonsoft ShellEnhancer
  • Fixed dialog resizer like ResizeEnable
  • Resize open/save dialogs like DlgXRSizer
  • Gamma and Overlay controls through hotkeys (like Gamma Panel).
  • Reorder taskbar buttons by drag&drop like in Taskbar++
  • Scroll inactive windows/controls and change Z-order as KatMouse does
  • Redesign of hot key menu
  • Option for plugins to be available to load on hotkey/action and unload upon execution to save performances
  • Animated pinboard needle for stay-on-top feature, like in DeskPins
  • Copy text from dialogs (standard Ctrl+C works, but it can be improved if the user can select the text to copy).
  • Disable the close button of user-selected windows (so you don't accidentally close an important window).
  • Light clipboard manager using Ctrl+V in a similar way to the Windows Alt+Tab dialog (see explanation here).
  • Detect when a USB device is plugged and execute an action (i.e: show the joystick control panel when a gaming device is connected).
  • Hide Windows from taskbar.
  • Place other requests here...