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Info-ZIP is a set of open source software for working with ZIP archives, developed by the group of programmers known by the same name.

Total Commander can use the Zip-NT developed by Info-ZIP as a packer for ZIP archives. This can be configured in Total Commander configuration dialog or in the [Packer] section of Wincmd.ini.

The internal ZIP packer uses the ZLIB library from Info-ZIP as the part of DLL wcmzip32.dll (and wcmzip16.dll in older Total Commander versions). ZLIB source code is available at the Info-ZIP website.

Internal ZIP unpacker, used in Total Commander by default to unpack ZIP files, is based on code of UnZip from Info-ZIP. The source of early build 1.0 beta of original info-unz.dll used by Total Commander is available on the Internet inofficially [1]. The official way to get it is to make a request by email. The source code of unmodified UnZip from Info-ZIP is available at their website.

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