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Description of wincmd.ini settings, Version 6.55 beta.

[ListerPlugins] Under construction
[PackerPlugins] [PackerPlugins] Read more on this page, please
[ContentPlugins] Zelle 46
[FileSystemPlugins] Zelle 48
Under construction
[CustomFields] Zelle 50
[HintsCustomField] Zelle 51
[DisabledPlugins] TC Plugins Manager
[Searches] Please read: SearchName, SearchIn, SearchText
[SearchName] Zelle 28
[SearchIn] Zelle 30
[SearchText] Zelle 32


[Configuration] General settings
1hourdif=0 1: Ignore time difference of exactly one hour when comparing files. This is useful when comparing between an NTFS and FAT volume (daylight saving time!).
AccessTime=1 Lets TC work with the last access time instead of the last write time, e.g. for copying files last accessed during the last x days
ActiveRight=0 1: The right listbox will be active when Total Commander starts (1/0)

This setting will be override with the: Command line parameter: /P

Aligned extension=1 File extension is shown left aligned
Allowed= Allowed drives -> restrict drive access! Example: Allowed=cde
\ stands for 'Network Neighborhood'
To prevent that users circumvent this restriction you can also create a registry key
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Ghisler\Total Commander\configuration
Add a new value named allowed (type string), which contains the allowed drive letters (plus \ for network).The value will be combined with the value in the ini file (the more restricted wins). For example, if the registry value contains

ACDEF and the ini file EFGH, then this will be combined to EF.

The registry key has the adavantage that it can be protected by the admin, so the users cannot change it.

AltSearch=0 Search with 0=CTRL+ALT, 1=ALT, 2=letter only, 3=letter with search dialog, 4=disabled
AlwaysCopyInBackground=0 1: Total Commander always copies in the background. (32-bit version only)
2: Uses Background Transfer Manager for copying.
AlwaysPackInBackground=0 1: zip in background
2: zip+external packers in background
3: like 2, but run external packers minimized
AlwaysToRoot=0 If set to 1, Total Commander will always switch to the root directory when changing drives (like the Win95/98 Explorer).
AlwaysUnpackInBackground=0 1: unzip in background
2: unzip+external unpackers in background
3: like 2, but run external unpackers minimized
AppendWarning=1 If set to 0, Total Commander will not show a warning before appending to a file
AutoInstallPlugins=1 If set to 0, auto-installation of plugins when entering plugin archive is disabled
Autotreechange=0 If set to 1, a single click on a directory in tree view switches to that directory in the other window.
BriefViewWidthLimit= Sets a maximum width limit (in pixels) for a column in brief view
BrushForCursor=0 Set this option to 1, if Total Commander leaves behind a trail of frames around the not selected files when moving the cursor (bug in graphics card).
CdCloseDoor=1 If change drives to a CD-rom fails, try to close the CD drawer (only 32-bit version).
Can be disabled with CdCloseDoor=0
CmdUpDown=0 0: Move cursor up/down in file list even if the active window is the command line (1/0)

1: Moves the selection up/down when leaving the commandline so you lose the previous selection

CmtOemFont=0 Use OEM (DOS) character set in descript.ion files (only recommended if you use the tool 4dos or 4nt).
ColorFilters=0 Enable/disable colors by file type
CompareCaseSensitive=0 1: Compare by content sensitive to upper-/lowercase letters
0: Ignore (a and A considered as equal)
CompareIgnoreRepSpace=1 1: Ignore different number of spaces, e.g. "a b" is the same as "a...b"
0: Detect different number of spaces as a difference
CompareVertical=0 1: Show compare by content windows above each other
0: Side by side
CopyCompatDrives= The driveletters for which TC should use Compatibility mode for copy
CopyCompatUsbSticks=1 1: Enable compatibility mode for USB sticks specified, not available under Windows 9x/ME.
CopyComments=6 This is a combination (sum) of the following flags:

1: Default comment type is files.bbs
2: Default comment type is descript.ion
4: Read comments from both types
8: Copy comments belonging to files. The comment files themselves are skipped.
16: Use DOS charset for descript.ion (files.bbs always uses the DOS charset)
Note: If both 1 and 2 are set, 2 takes precedence

CopyStreams=0 1: NTFS streams will be copied
0: NTFS streams will be ignored
CopyBlockSize=32 Sets block size for copying (in kbytes=1024 bytes). Default and minimum is 32 (=32768 bytes).
CopyHugeBlockSize= Sets the block size when copying very large files. The files will be read and written directly, bypassing the disk cache. Minimum size is 10MB. Only files larger than this block size will be copied this way. For smaller files, CopyBlockSize will be used. By default, without this entry in the INI file, this feature is turned off.
CopyBlockSizeOther=32 Sets the block size for copying between drives on different physical disks. It's better to use a smaller block size when copying between different disks, because both disks can read/write at the same time. A single disk has to jump between source and target file when copying, so a large block size is better.
CopyHugeBlockSizeOther= Sets the block size when copying very large files, between different disks. Minimum: 256 kB.

Recommended values (try others yourself):

CopyDirTimeStamp= Copy date/time of last modification for direcrories (1/0).
SamePartitions=drives,drives Allows to set, which logical drives (partitions) belong to the same harddisk. Example: You have two harddisks, one with drives C,E and F, and the other with D, G and H. The entry has to be SamePartitions=CEF,DGH

When copying between E and F (same physical disk) the first two values will be used, when copying between C and D (different disk) the values with 'Other' in the name.

CountMarked=1 1: Count files in subdirs before copying/ deleting to allow a second percent bar

0: Do not count files (faster)

CountSpace=1 1: Count files when selecting with spacebar

0: Do not count files (faster)

DebugIcon=0 undocumented
DeleteDelay=0 Total Commander (32 bit only) waits the specified amount of time (in milliseconds) after deleting a file to recycle bin. Try to increase this value (default is 0) if you experience crashes when Cleansweep for windows is running.
DeviceChange=1 1= react to wm_devicechange messages (to detect disk changes)
0= ignore
DirBrackets=1 Show square brackets around directories (1/0, default=1)
DirsInFooter=1 1: If there is at least one subdirectory presents, then on selecting objects not only the number of files will be shown in the footer, but also the number of total/selected subdirs, e.g:

116,0 K / 230,2 M in 2/14 file(s) 5 / 7 dir(s)

0: Only the data concerning the files are shown
116,0 K / 230,2 M in 2/14 file(s)

DirTabLimit=32 Maximum Tab width
DriveisCD=FGH Define drives F, G and H as CD-ROM drives. When copying from these drives, Total Commander will not copy the read only attribute. Useful for network CD drives which are not detected automatically.
DriveLib= Contains custom drive button libraries location and file name.
DriveTipDelay=0 Delay in milliseconds, until descriptions for the drives in the drive combo box are shown (default = 0)
Editor=notepad.exe Default editor for F4
ExplorerForCopy=0 Use built-in copy function (more flexible) or Explorer (copy+paste) for F5 and F6 (0/1)
FirstFTPSync=0 If set to 1, show warning about problems with date/time when uploading files on FTP-server at first attempt of synchronization with FTP. Then the value will be set to 0.
FileTipWindows=0 Show tooltips (hint windows) for file names which are too long to be shown completely in 'full' view (32 bit version only) (1/0)
FirstLang=0 First time Total Commander is run -> ask for language
FirstTime=0 First time Total Commander is run -> display release notes
FirstTimeUnpack=0 First time "Unpack all" -> hint to press ENTER on file
FirstTimeZIP=0 First time packing/unpacking -> Packer dialog
HebrewListerFix=0 If =1, use coordinate correction when selecting English texts in Lister on Hebrew Windows
HistoryAppend=1 1= Appends the directory selected from the history list (ALT+Cursor down) to the end of the history list (default)

0= Moves the current position in the history list to the selected item

IconLib=c:\totalcmd\wcicolib.icl Loads all default icons for the file lists from the given DLL. See for a sample ICL (16 bit DLL).
InstallDir= The installation directory of TC, same as in the registry
IconsInThread=1 Load icons of EXE and LNK files in a separate thread (1/0)
IconsOnNet=1 Load icons of EXE and LNK files also on network drives (1/0)
IconOverlays=1 Enable/disable icon overlays, like the small arrow for links (1/0)
IconsSpecialFolders=3 Enable/disable display of special folder icons

0=none, 1=local, 2=in nethood, 3=both

IgnoreWheel=1 Ignore the Intellimouse wheel.
InplaceRename=1 Enable / disable inplace renaming when clicking twice on a name (1/0)
InplaceRenamePath=1 Enable (1) / disable (0) inplace changing of current path. The default is the value of InplaceRename, if present, otherwise 1.

2: Disable inplace rename of path, but enable quick directory changes with single click (no shift needed)

KeyPath= Path to the registration key (WITHOUT the file name!). As a default, Total Commander looks for the key in its own directory. Useful if key cannot be read over a LAN.
LanguageINI= Language file used (WCMD_DEU.LNG etc.)
lastmd5= 0=Last used checksum method: SFV
1=MD5 checksum
LastRunAs= Contains the username who started TC as last with 'runAs' command
listname= The name of the Last used FTP -list
LockedGoToDriveRoot=0 0: Click on [ \ ] switches to base directory of the locked tab

1: Click on [ \ ] switches to root directory of the drive

LockedTabChange=1 What to do when changing dir on locked tab:

0: always create a new tab
1: re-use tab with same dir
2: re-use first unlocked tab
3: re-use last unlocked tab

LongInStatus=0 Show long name in status bar in mode view-full. (1/0)
LongNamesToDos=0 Pass short/long names to DOS box when using Shift+Enter (0/1).
Mainmenu= Contains custom main menu location and file name
MarkDirectories=0 Also select directories (with +)
Netwarebugfix=0 1: do NOT rename files on remote drive
Noreread=AB\ Do not reread these drives;
\ stands for 'Network Neighborhood',
/ for file system plugins,
and a colon : for virtual folders like the desktop.
Noreread2=AB\ Do not reread these drives when closing and restarting Total Commander. If noreread2 is missing, the contents of noreread= will be used, which leads to the same behaviour as in TC versions older than 6.52.

Example: Noreread=ABC\ and Noreread2=AB\  : Don't auto-reread floppies, drive c and the net, but remember directories on C when closing and re-opening Total Commander.

OldStyleDir=0 Use SetCurDir to verify existance of dir / Use FindFirstFile directly (1/0)
OldStyleTree=0 Always load full tree of a drive (1/0)
OleComments=1 Load comments from Explorer (NTFS streams and Word documents) (1/0)
Onlyonce=0 1: Start only one instance of Total Commander
PanelsVertical=0 File windows side by side (0) or above each other (1)
PluginBaseDir= Standard location below which plugins will be auto-installed. TC appends the plugin type and the default plugin directory when installing a new plugin.

Example: pluginbasedir=%COMMANDER_PATH%\plugins
Offered path for packer plugin sample_packer:

PortInDriver=1 1: transfers whole blocks inside the driver (default) -> faster, but PC unusable during transfer

0: makes transfer in user mode -> slower, but better multitasking
This setting only affects Win95/98/ME. On WinNT/2000, all transfers must be in a driver.

PreloadThumbnails=1 1: Loads thumbnail images already when opening a dir, not only when scrolling to that line.

2: Same as 1, but also in branch view
3: Preload just the next two lines below the visible thumbnails

QuickSearchExactMatch=0 0: Typing a dot is read as *. , win.i finds also wincmd.ini

1: Exact match: typing win.i finds only win.ini, but doesn't find wincmd.ini

RenameSelOnlyName=0 In inplace rename, select only name, not extension (1), or name+ext (0)
RestrictInterface= Disable parts of the user interface. Just build the sum of the following options:

1=Start menu
2=Command line
4=Buttonbar change
8=Drive right click menu
16=File right click menu
32=Directory hotlist change
128=ENTER key (run programs, open files)
256=File system plugins

ReverseHistory=0 1: Show history (previously visited directories) in reverse order (last visited at the top)
SaveCommands=1 Save command lines when closing Total Commander (1/0)
Savepath=1 Save current paths when closing Total Commander (1/0)
Savepanels=1 Save settings when closing Total Commander (1/0)
SearchInFiles= Here you can specify additional archive types in which you want to search with the Search function.

Example: SearchInFiles=*.EXE *.JAR

SetArchiveBitOnRename=1 When renaming files, the archive bit is now set by default. Change to 0 to not set it.
ShellExtIcons=1 1=Show icons of shell extensions (different icon per file)
0=don't show
ShowAMPM=0 Show time in 12 hour AM/PM format (American style)
ShowCentury=1 Show century of the date in the file lists (1/0)
ShowHiddenSystem=0 1=Show hidden/system files
Showicons=2 Icons: 0=no, 1=default, 2=all
ShowEXEandLNKicons=1 Show Icons for EXE and LNK files (only 32-bit version, slow)
ShowInstanceNr=1 Show number in title when more than one Commander is running (1/0)
SingleClickStart=0 1= A single click starts programs and opens files (Win98 WEB style)

0= Double click starts programs (default)

SizeCheck=1 Check if there is enough disk space on target before copying
SizeFooter=1 Style of size display in the header and footer:

0=bytes, 1=kbytes, 2=dynamic, 3=dynamic with fractional part

SizeStyle=0 Style of size display in the file list:

0=bytes, 1=kbytes, 2=dynamic, 3=dynamic with fractional part

Small83names=1 Show old style names (8 name and 3 extension) lowercase like Explorer (1/0)
SortDirsByName=1 Always sort directories by name (1/0)
SortUpper=0 0: Default sort method

1: When sorting files, put files starting with an underscore _ last
2: Uses mixed lexical and numerical sorting, e.g. file10.txt comes AFTER file1.txt
3: Like 2, but uses StrCmpLogicalW for the comparison. 3 needs IE 6.x installed!

SoundDelay=10 Time (in seconds) a file operation needs to take so the "operation finished" sound will be played
SpaceMovesDown=0 1= When selecting files with <SPACEBAR>, move down to next file (as with <INSERT>)
StartupScreen=0 Turnsplash screen at startup on/off (1/0)
SyncButtons=63 This saves the state of the buttons in "synchronize dirs". It's the sum of:

1: Left to right
2: Equal files
4: Not equal files
8: Right to left
16: Duplicates (present on both sides)
32: Single files (present on only one side)

SyncFlags=1 Remembers the last settings for 'Synchronize dirs'. The following constants are added:

1: include subdirs
2: compare by content
4: ignore date of files
8: asymmetric mode

TabDir=%COMMANDER_PATH%\ Specifies the default location for: Save Tabs to file/ Load Tabs from file.
TabEnterDirChange=1 What should happen when users presses ENTER on a dir on a locked tab?

0: nothing
1: open new tab
2: ask user

Test= This key is used internally to check whether the ini file is writable. If not, an error message will be shown.
TestIfSharedDir=1 Test if a directory is shared in network -> show with a hand under the icon (32 bit only) (1/0)
ThumbExplTypes=*.* | *.htm *.html Set types of files that are loaded with Explorer method (OLE2).
ThumbIrfXnTypes=*.* Set types of files that are loaded with external viewers IrfanView or XnView.
ThumbnailMemoryLimit= Sets number of thumbnails per panel cached in memory (default: 200 in Win9x, 500 on NT/2000/XP, minimum: 100)
ThumbnailPrealloc=100000 Sets number of bytes to pre-allocate when creating the thumbnails database to avoid fragmentation. The thumbnail database is an OLE compound document similar to a Word .doc file. Without preallocating memory at creation time, such files would become terribly fragmented especially on NTFS disks.
ThumbOptions=15 Specifies which means should be used when loading thumbnails.

Sum up the following values:
1 = Use Explorer method.
2 = Get from Lister plugins.
4 = Get from IrfanView/XnView.
8 = Show the first few lines of plain text.

ThumbPlgTypes=*.* Set types of files that are loaded with Lister plugins.
ThumbTxtTypes=*.txt *.ini Set types of files, for which the thumbnail consists of the first few lines of the text.
ThumbWidthNoCache=96 Width of the thumbnail, in pixels.
ThumbHeightNoCache=96 Height of the thumbnail, in pixels.
ThumbsCopyDel=1 Copy/delete corresponding thumbnails with files.

0: No
1: Yes

ThumbsCustomFieldsEnabled= Enable (1) or disable (0) custom fields below thumbnails. (1/0)


Location of the thumbnail database (specify the empty string to disable caching).

Default location in Windows 9x/ME: Totalcmd dir;
Windows NT/2000/XP: %APPDATA%\GHISLER (or %APPDATA%\GHISLER if %$LOCAL_APPDATA% doesn't exist).

Tips=3 Tooltips 1=for buttons, 2=for drives, 3=both
ToolTipDelay=500 Delay in milliseconds, until descriptions for the buttons in the button bar are shown (default = 500)
TrayIcon=1 Move the icon of Total Commander to the tray (when minimized) (1/0)
Tree=0 Show tree 1=unsorted, 0=sorted by name
TreeFileLocation= Define different location of files treeinfo.wc, e.g. treefilelocation=c:\somedir\treeinfo%D%.wc

%D% is replaced by the drive letter (or root of share, \ replaced by _)
%R% is replaced by the root path
%L% is replaced by the volume label.
Please note that these variables MUST be upperase, otherwise TC will look for the environment variables with these names!

treefilelocationE= Sets location of treeinfo file only for drive E. Only works if treefilelocation= is set too!
treefilelocation__server_share= Sets location of treeinfo file only for drive \\server\share (treefilelocation= MUST be set too).
UnicodeListWarn=0 1: Warning on the first dir change into dir containing files with Unicode-names, that cannot be shown in the current system code page. (1/0)
UseFindForTime=1 1: When copying, get the file time with FindFirstFile instead of GetFileTime (1/0)
UseIniInProgramDir=0 This variable will only be read if the wincmd.ini is located in the same dir as the program.

It is the sum of the following values:
1: Use wincmd.ini in program dir if no other location is set via registry or parameters
2: Use wcx_ftp.ini in program dir if no other location is set via registry or parameters
4: Override registry settings (but not command line parameters)

uselongnames=1 Use long filenames on Windows NT/95/98 (1/0)
UseRightButton=1 Use 1=right/0=left mouse button to select
UseShellConnect=0 If =1, use old method to connect to network shares (Workaround for VINES)
UseTrash=1 Use Recycle Bin in Windows 95/98/NT if available and enabled
Version= Version of Total Commander (not always changed)
VersionInOverwrite=1 Show file version info in overwrite dialog. Set to 0 on slow networks.
Viewer=none Default viewer for ALT+F3 or none
Viewertype=1 0=Internal/current file 1=marked 2=external
WantXpLook= 0: The old styles (flat, "square" 3D) will come back

1: XP Style (must be enabled in Windows)
2: Flat buttons
3: Usual buttons (This variable is unofficial)

WatchDirs=0 Controls the function of automatic dir list updates. It detects when programs other than Total Commander add, modify, or delete files shown in the active file panels.

Just add the following numbers:
1: turn option on (default: off)
2: also detect changes to size, date, attributes
4: put newly added files at the END of the file list (default: sorted)
8: don't react to updates while TC isn't in the foreground
16: Update footer (total file sizes)
32: Update header (free disk space)
256: Beep on each auto-update (useful for debugging)

WatchDirsExclude=AB\ Do not watch these drives for changes with the option WatchDirs= enabled.

Useful e.g. to turn off auto-refreshing on slow drives.

Win32TipWindows=1 Show Win32-style Tip windows (displaced to the lower right)
Win95Delete= Determines the deletion method used by Total Commander in Win95/98:

0: use Total Commander's own function to delete files (most configuration options)
1: use Explorer's method to delete files
-1 (default): If Cleansweep is running, use Explorer's method to avoid a crash
(caused by an incompatibility between Cleansweep and Total Commander's delete method).
If Cleansweep is not running, Total Commander uses its own method.

Winsock=c:\windows\winsock.dll Define location of Socket library for ftp (16 bit)
WmfAllowed=3 Don't show WMF (windows meta file) and EMF (enhanced meta file) images in Lister and thumbnails view, because of buffer overflow bug in Windows DLL (gdi32.dll). Once your system is patched, you can re-enable them:

0: WMF file display disabled. Disables also display of all folder thumbnails.
1: Allow to display WMF (Windows Metafile) images in Lister and thumbnails.
2: Allow to display thumbnails for folders (which may contain wmf files)
3: Show WMF files and folder thumbnails
-1: Allow folder thumbnails if the Windows patch is installed. WMF files will NOT be shown, they must be enabled manually. WMF has been disabled by default due to a severe security hole in Windows.

Wsock32=c:\windows\wsock32.dll Define location of Socket library for ftp (32 bit)
XPMoveMethod= 1: When moving files, the permissions of the target folder are used

0: The permissions of the files are kept
Default: XP:1, other systems: 0

ZipMagic=0 Skip ZipMagic detection when opening ZIP files (1/0)
Undocumented? Please write in here...

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[Shortcuts] Defines keyboard shortcuts replacing the default shortcuts.
CAS+F2=cm_renameonly In this example, Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F2 calls the internal function cm_renameonly.(C=Ctrl, A=Alt, S=Shift)

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Resolution-dependent data

[1024x768 (10x20)] Resolution-dependent data
x= x-position of Total Commander
y= y-position
dx= Width
dy= Height
Divider=500 Position of window divider in permille (0..1000)
DividerComments=500 Position of window divider in permille while in comments view (Ctrl+Shift+F2)
DividerQuickView=500 Position of window divider in permille, while the quick view panel is shown (CTRL+Q)

The two dividers can be set independently by choosing 'save position' in the appropriate mode (with and without quick view panel).

FontCharset=1 Font character set (Western, Cyrillic etc) of the list window font
FontCharsetWindow=1 Same but for main window font
Fontsize=8 Font size
Fontname=Helv Font
FontWeight=700 Font weight (400=normal, 700=bold)
Fontsizewindow= Font size for the rest of the main window
FontnameWindow= Font for the rest of the main window
FontWeightWindow= Font weight for the rest of the main window
Iconsize=10 Icon size for 16-bit version (in points)
Iconsize32=16 Icon size for 32-bit version (in pixels)
maximized=0 0=normal, 1=maximal size
Tabstops=104,109,158,58,374,93 Tab positions
Compare*= Coordinates and other options for the compare window
MenuChange*= Same for start menu change dialog
Print*= For the print preview
Rename*= Rename dialog
Search*= Search dialog
Sync*= Ini-settings: Synchronize directories
TreeDlg*= Tree view
You can add more...

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Left, Right

[Left] Left window (same for right window)
path=D:\TPW\ Last active directory
ShowAllDetails=1 0=only file names, 1=all data, 2=tree
show=1 1=all, 2=only programs, 3=user defined
SpecialView= Custom columns view number, overrides show= value. Stored in a separate variable to avoid problems with older versions of Total Commander.
sortorder=0 Sort by 0=name, 1=extension, 2=size, 3=date, 4=unsorted
customsortorder=0 Sort by custom column (in custom columns mode only), 100=first custom column, 101=second etc.
negative Sortorder=0 Reversed sort order
userspec=*.wav User defined wildcards

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[Colors] Color settings for main window
ColorFilter1= Options/Color Define colors by file type e.g *.exe

also you can define many file types at the same filter e.g. *.exe; *.com; *.bat; *.cmd

ColorFilter1Color= The selected color of the first filter. These keys must be in sequence:
ColorFilter2= Don't set (ColorFilter2 & ColorFilter2Color) until the preceding filters were defined.

Also, the key 'ColorFilters' in General settings must set to 1 in order to apply color filter settings.

ColorFilter2Color= Color of second file type etc.
InverseCursor=0 Display cursor as a solid box (1)
InverseSelection=0 Display selected files as solid boxes (1)
BackColor=16777215 Background color (rgb: red+256*green+65536*blue)
ForeColor=-1 Foreground color (-1=default)
MarkColor=255 Selection color
CursorColor=8421504 Cursor color
CursorText=16777215 Cursor text color (only for solid cursor)
ThumbnailFrame=-1 Sets color of frame around thumbnails: -1=default, -2=invisible, or RGB value:

ThumbnailFrame=000255000 (RGB) The example show a green frame.

Enter hexadezimal values for colors in the reverse order: BGR (blue, green, red)
ThumbnailFrame=$FF0000 Draws a blue frame around thumbnails

CompareText File compare,text mode: Color of the differences
CompareTextSel Same, but selected text
CompareBinary File compare,binary mode: Color of the differences
CompareBinarySel Same, but selected text

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Layout] The entries below this title determine which part of the Total Commander user interface is shown. All entries can be changed in the main configuration dialog.
ButtonBar=1 1: Show buttonbar
CmdLine=1 1: Show command line
CurDir=1 1: Show current directory
DirectoryTabs=1 1: Show directory tabs
DriveBar1=1 1: Show drive buttons
DriveBar2=1 1: Show two drive button bars (fixed width, above file windows)
DriveBarFlat=0 1: Show drive buttons with flat icons
DriveCombo=0 1: Show drive combobox
HistoryHotlistButtons=1 1: Show buttons for history list and directory hotlist
InterfaceFlat=0 1: Flat user interface (button bar configured seperately)
KeyButtons=1 1: Show functions key buttons
StatusBar=1 1: Show status bar
TabHeader=1 1: Show tabstop header
Minimal TC interface without main menu

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[Packer] Everything concerning packers
ZIP=c:\utils\zip\pkzip.exe Path/filename for pkzip
UnZIP=c:\utils\zip\pkunzip.exe Path/filename for pkunzip
ACE=c:\utils\arj\ace.exe Path/filename for ACE packer
ARJ=c:\utils\arj\arj.exe Path/filename for ARJ
LHA=c:\utils\lha\lha.exe Path/filename for LHA
RAR=c:\utils\rar\rar.exe Path/filename for RAR
UC2=c:\utils\uc2\uc.exe Path/filename for UC2
ARJlongnames=0 Pass long names to ARJ when packing (works only on Win95/Win98)
DefPlugin=cab Last used packer plugin
ExpertMode=0 1: run files inside archives directly on ENTER and edit files without confirmation;
0: show property sheet and show edit confirmation
ExtractPathInZIP=1 Also unpack paths stored with files
InternalUnzip=1 Use internal unzip
InternalUnarj=1 Use internal Un-ARJ
InternalUnlzh=1 Use internal Un-LHA
InternalUnace=1 Use internal Un-ACE
InternalUnrar=1 Use internal Un-RAR
InternalZIP=1 Use internal ZIP packer
InternalZipRate=6 Pack rate for internal ZIP packer 0=no compression, 1=fastest, 9=best
InternalzipTemp=c:\temp Temporary path for internal ZIP packer
LastUsedPacker=1 Last packer used
LinuxCompatible=1 1: Create Linux-compatible TAR archives

0: Create SunOS-compatible TAR archives

NoDelete=0 1: Do not delete extracted files with bad CRC checksum
OpenPartial=0 1: Open partial ZIP archives, e.g. partially downloaded ZIPs
RemovableInTemp=0 1: Total Commander will modify ZIP files on removable drives like this: Create new archive in TEMP dir, delete old archive, copy new to removable disk

0: For floppies like 1, for larger media (ZIP, JAZ) directly on the media without the TEMP dir

UnZIPOverwrite=0 Always overwrite when unpacking
VerifyZIP=1 1=test ZIP file after packing, 0=do not test
Zip83Name=0 Pack files with their alternate file names (8 name and 3 extension), and do not use long names. (1/0)
ZIPDirectoryOfFile=1 Pack paths with the files
ZIPlikeDirectory=1 Treat packed files like directories
zipnt=0 Use Info-zip for NT (0 = no, 1 = Zip-NT 2.0.1 (patched by Total Commander), 2 = unrecognised version)
ZIPRecurseSubdirs=1 Pack directories in directories
ZipSetDateToNewest=0 When packing with the internal ZIP packer, set the date of the archive to the date of the newest file in the archive. (1/0)
You can add more!
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[packerplugins] Lists all configured packer plugins (see configuration - packer)
bz2=27,c:\totalcmd\bzip2dll.dll Plugin for bzip2 packer. 27 is the sum of all DLL capabilities:

1: Can create new archives
2: Can modify existing archives
4: Can handle multiple files in one archive
8: Can delete files from archive
16: Supports the options dialog
32: Supports packing in memory
64: Detects archive type by content
128: Allows searching for text in archives
256: Don't open with Enter, only with Ctrl+PgDn
512: Supports encryption

Do NOT add this number yourself, Total Commander will add it on the first load of the DLL.

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[Buttonbar] Buttonbar settings
Buttonbar=d:\tpw\exetpu\ Default buttonbar
Buttonheight=29 Size of the icons
FlatIcons=1 1: Icons without 3d effect
0: with 3d effect
SmallIcons=1 1: Uses small 16x16 icons
0: the icons have a user-defined size

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Command line history

[Command line history] List of the last commands used
0=regedit 0 last command
1=calc etc...

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[DriveHints] User defined drive description for drive selection
E=ZIP drive One line with a drive letter for each drive you want to rename
F=Pioneer DVD-ROM Examples for Drivehints
G=Plextor CD-RW

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[Lister] Settings for lister
Maximized=1 Full screen
x=54 Position (x)
y=-1 Position (y)
dx=587 Width
dy=483 Height
TextWidth=80 Text width (in characters)
binwidth=75 Width for binary display
BmpStartup=1 1: Always try to load and display image files

0: Load as binary, but display if user chooses mode 'picture'

Font1=Arial,-15,b Font (if not default font)
Font4=Courier New,18,b Printer font (fixed width)
Font5=Arial,20 Printer font (variable width)
HTMLAsText=1 Auto-convert HTML to text with links
IView=1 Use Irfanview / XnView to load other image files like JPG etc.
IviewAdditionalTypes= Additional file types which should be passed to Irfanview / XnView for conversion

Example: *.xyz *.abc

IViewPath= Path to Irfanview / XnView EXE file.
LinkBraces=1 HTML-View: Show curly braces {} around links
Multimedia=1 1: Always try to load and play sound and video files

0: Load as binary, but play if user chooses mode 'picture'

RTF=1 Auto-detect RTF files
SearchGoBack=3 Number of lines which Lister should show above the found text during a search
ShrinkBitmap=0 1: Shrink/Enlarge image to window size
Startup=0 Stores mode and font used when lister is opened:

0=auto, 1=text, 2=binary, 3=hex, 16=ansi, 32=ascii, 48=variable

TabWidth Width of tabstops (default. 8)
Wrap=1 Turn line wrap on (1) or off (0)
LeftMargin=200 Margins for printing (in 1/10 of a mm)
FgColor=16777215 Color for foreground in lister panel
BgColor=0 Background color



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[Confirmation] Confirmations
deleteDirs=0 Ask before non-empty directories (1/0)
OverwriteFiles=0 Ask before overwriting files (1/0)
OverwriteHidSys=0 Ask before overwriting/deleting hidden/system files (1/0)
OverwriteReadonly=0 Ask before overwriting/deleting read-only files (1/0)
MouseActions=0 Ask when dropping files (1/0)

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[Extensions] Associations for ALT+F3
pif=c:\windows\pifedit.exe ^.pif e.g. Pif editor with *.pif

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[Tabstops] Tabstops for file window (Only used if not stored for current display resolution!)
0=99 Extension
1=101 Size
2=136 Date
3=156 Time
4=51 Attributes
5=93 Reference width (used in AdjustWidth mode)
AdjustWidth=1 Auto-adjust name width when window size changes

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[user] User defined menu
menu1=Verz: Root of C Title
cmd1=cd c:\ Command
param1=/i=name.ini /F=ftpname.ini Parameters:

/i=name.ini: Use a different INI file name instead of wincmd.ini to save settings
/F=ftpname.ini: Use a different INI file name instead of wcx_ftp.ini to save settings for built-in FTP client.

path1= Startup path
iconic1= 1=Start as an icon

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[dirmenu] User defined directory hotlist (CTRL+D)
Subitems are the same as for [user]

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SearchName, SearchIn, SearchText

[Searches] These four sections contain previous searches


[SearchName] These section contain previous searches
[SearchIn] Search locations of previous searches
[SearchText] Text included in previous searches

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[Selection] Stores the last used wildcards for selection (Gray+)

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[RenameTemplates] Last used rename strings in multi-rename tool

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[PrintDir] Auto-saved settings of print dialog
FontName= Arial
HeaderText= %d - Page %p/%t

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